Path to Justice
by Jim Dutton
Lettra Press

"We’ll take good care of you. You can only be safe when we get Luis and the other two heads of the cartel convicted."

Nick Drummond, a San Diego prosecutor who heads up a money-laundering task force, finds himself involved in establishing a case against leaders of an international drug cartel. The Baja Norte Familia is brought to Drummond's attention when a Montana firefighter becomes suspicious of off-road vehicles near the Canadian border, and surveillance of these vehicles reveals a nefarious San Diego accountant to be involved in this dubious activity. Nick and his task force begin building the case against these criminals, even getting an ex-girlfriend of a cartel lieutenant to agree to testify. This proves to be a dangerous proposition, however, as the cartel discovers the witness's safe house and destroy it, proving that everyone involved in prosecuting the crime family is in danger.

The author's debut crime novel can best be described as having an authentic narrative. This is understandable, as the author is a retired prosecutor who worked in the Special Prosecutions Unit of the California Attorney General's Office in San Diego for twenty-four years. He tried major cases in federal court, and some of his murder trials have been featured on a variety of television programs. This author knows his subject matter, which is evident when reading the book. Fans of crime fiction will appreciate the detailed information about evidence building and the presentation of the case included in the narrative, mostly in dialogue. Dutton creates fully rounded characters in this novel that is filled with the fast-paced action of great thrillers. It is a fascinating read which reveals the real world of prosecutorial law. Readers will eagerly be turning pages with this one.

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