Paw Was Once a Boy
by Jeraldine T. Posey
Trafford Publishing

"He had no TV to watch or video games to play. He did not even have any Star Wars figures."

Told by a grandfather, written by a grandmother and a grandson, this title is a family history that highlights the difference between growing up in the 21st century and coming of age just two generations prior. After being introduced to the family, Paw's life is told from learning in a single-room schoolhouse with children of all ages, to searching for a missing sister. Paw is even once lowered down into a well by sitting on a board across a bucket to find a dropped dipper. Each story is accompanied by several illustrations giving young readers a better idea of what life was really like for children several decades ago. By the time readers get to the end of this title, they'll be able to understand that their parents and grandparents were once kids just like them.

This children's title helps to bridge the generational gap between today's youth and its elders. Bright hand-drawn illustrations, some of them even done by the grandson who also handles the narration of the book, are featured on nearly every page. The book also helps to foster reading comprehension through questions at the end of each chapter that pertain to the story that children have just read. The content and the language used are both easy for young audiences to understand while also helping them with reading skills. Grandparents will love reading this title to grandchildren, filling in their own history to answer any questions kids might have, and kids will be fascinated to learn about young life before computer or even televisions.

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