Peculiar Head
by Chester Crowley
Trafford Publishing

"Julia made her way up to a man who had been swinging a twenty-five pound sledgehammer at some very stubborn concrete. She said: Can I try that?"

Crowley's collection of peculiar short stories is as heartwarming as it is shocking, and it will make readers gasp as well as laugh. According to the foreword, the author compiled these stories over a long period of time, and they range from the odd to the weird and are just as entertaining.

Crowley's writing style is readable and curt, and often takes on an ironic tone that gives his stories that extra punch. His characters are rather twisted in their minds and tortured souls, but are also mischievous children who get into trouble. They are colorful and well-fleshed out, so that the reader gets a clear picture of the story and the characters' actions.

Particularly of note is the short story "Pyx," about two seasoned robbers who break into someone's house only to find that all items are made of cardboard, "DayCevin," about a man who employs a strange way to steal and ingest food in restaurants and grocery stores, and also the story "Peculiar Head," about a group of children who receive a magic potion from an old witch and gain special powers. Also of note is "Tai Fung," a manual on how to avoid people in various tight spaces.

The book contains seventeen short stories that can be easily read during the lunch hour, as they are the perfect length for the people on the run, and the book is small enough that it can be tucked into any purse or bag. Perfect for lovers of short stories, and for those who love the strange and the oddball.

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