Personal Achievements
by Francisco Javier Morales E.

". . . life is full of all types of illusions, and one must be cautious so as not to get trapped by one of these."

There are obstacles in every life that shape the psychological make-up and contribute to the formation of one’s personality. These events remain in the minds of people, emerging on occasion to remind them of past encounters. Whether wonderfully enlightening or woefully discouraging, the people one encounters throughout life leave their mark on the psyche. Navigating the many obstacles he has faced in love, education, and career, Morales takes his readers through the emotional ups and downs of his life. In doing so, he reveals his innermost thoughts and feelings concerning the failure of an early relationship, his unreasonable and narcissistic bosses, the fear of his parents’ reaction should he fail in his educational pursuits, the conflicting emotions of an inappropriate relationship, and the confusion he experiences when he encounters a fighter.

Each chapter reveals a significant time in the author’s life—some good, some bad, but all profound and impressionistic. Because the author is a native of Chile, the narrative would have been enhanced by more explanatory paragraphs about his surroundings and the structure of his work organizations to clear up any confusion. However, what the author does offer readers in his book is engaging. Morales tells of several people who have made great impressions on him throughout his life. Not all have been good, but all have worked to make him who he is today. Whether he is writing about an old lover or an oppressive boss, he tells his story from a clear perspective and with the fairness that time provides. Morales writes about some of the most unforgettable happenings of an interesting life in a straight-forward and clear way that readers will find interesting.

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