Peter and Buddy the Hummingbird
by Clifford Lincoln
Trafford Publishing

"Peter never gives up if he wants something."

The Roberts children love spending their summers at "The Cottage," a big farmhouse. There's a lake to swim and sail in, plenty of friends around, and games to play. Peter, the youngest, is a little different from the other Roberts children. He has Down's Syndrome, but that doesn't stop him from exploring and enjoying the summer.

Peter is drawn to the lake and loves to sit and watch the waves ripple across the water. He enjoys spending time at "Peter's Place," a shady spot filled with towering evergreens and colorful wildflowers. One day, a ruby-throated hummingbird whizzes by Peter's head. It's attracted to Peter's happy and infectious laughter. The hummingbird, affectionately called Buddy, quickly becomes his friend.

Peter and Buddy spend hours among the evergreens. Buddy invites other hummingbirds, sometimes as many as 30, to visit with Peter. The birds are not just Peter's friends, they are also his protectors. When Peter takes an unfortunate tumble into the lake, Buddy and his fellow hummingbirds are there to help pull him to safety.

Lincoln's touching and tender tale was inspired in part by his own son who was born with Down's Syndrome. His heart-warming story shows the strength and determination of a young boy who doesn't let his challenges distract him from the joy of living. Lincoln's characters are not just thoughtful, but inspiring. Children will enjoy the colorful illustrations that help bring the story to life. The powerful message about never giving up will resonate with readers of all ages.

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