Philly's Fit-Step Walking Diet: Lose 15 Lbs. Shape Up. Look Younger... In 21 Days!
by Fred A. Stutman, M.D.
Medical Manor Books

"The road to normal eating is to stop listening to the myriad of advice concerning what to eat, and to start following your own biological and physiological needs for essential healthy nutrients."

Individuals interested in losing weight have a dizzying array of options available to them. So many diets claim that cutting out one or more major food groups will result in lasting weight loss and health. Case in point, dieters could choose from the low-carb, no-carb, Paleo, Atkins, Dukan, or fasting diets. And as if these restrictions weren't severe enough, dieters could choose the Master Cleanse, which involves eating nothing at all for over a week and subsisting solely on a minimal calorie beverage. This "all or nothing" mindset is believed to contribute to long-term health problems, not to mention poor long-term success with weight loss, which is one reason why Dr. Stutman's plan is so refreshing. Dr. Stutman's diet program is an effective, safe, and healthy way to get in shape. Unlike far too many diet programs, Dr. Stutman's program is sustainable on a long-term basis. Although it can help dieters lose weight and inches quickly, it can also be used for lifelong weight maintenance. Dieters are much more likely to continue to follow this particular program for the long haul because it's simple and easy, with no complex formulas or systems.

Philly's Fit-Step Walking Diet can help dieters successfully handle food cravings while improving their overall health. Participants will consume moderate amounts of lean protein, complex carbohydrates in the form of whole grains, vegetables, and fruits, and other important nutrients. Skipping meals is discouraged. In fact, eliminating any particular food group is strongly discouraged. The only major restriction dieters will have is to significantly limit their intake of saturated fats. However, dieters are likely to find that given the wide selection of healthy foods, this restriction is far from being burdensome.

Dr. Stutman's book is exceptional in many regards. It describes medical and physiological concepts in a manner that is easy for the layperson to understand, yet it also offers in-depth information not only on what to do, but why to do it. For example, the author provides numerous nutrient profiles of healthy foods, explains how much of these foods should be eaten, and discusses why they're good for the body. He also offers plenty of sample menu options, which the reader can easily customize. This book offers countless food hacks to help dieters get the most out of their meals. Readers will walk away from the book knowing why they shouldn't peel a potato (it removes 25 percent of nutrients and 35 to 40 percent of fiber); why non-stick pans are better for weight loss (less butter, oil, etc. can be used); and when to go grocery shopping (right after a meal). Dieters will also receive sound advice on working past weight loss plateaus, avoiding rebound weight gain, navigating fast food menus, and dining in restaurants without sabotaging their weight loss goals.

Another point in favor of Philly's Fit-Step Walking Diet is the exercise component of the program. Far too many diet programs ignore exercise altogether, despite it being a critical part of long-term weight maintenance. Dr. Stutman avoids advocating unreasonable goals for the physically unfit. Rather, he provides an aerobic and strength training program that is definitely doable for just about everyone, regardless of starting fitness level.

Throughout the book, Dr. Stutman draws upon the latest research regarding nutrition, weight loss, and exercise. This is perhaps not surprising, since he is a highly experienced family practice physician. These brief research synopses serve to reassure the reader that Philly's Fit-Step Walking Diet is indeed medically sound and beneficial for overall wellness. The entirety of this book is nicely organized, with a logical flow of information. Readers are likely to find that the numerous subsections and appendices make for easy reference. As an added bonus, Dr. Stutman is clearly no novice at writing. He successfully blends simple explanations of scientific concepts with tongue-in-cheek humor, which is yet another reason why readers are likely to have finally found a program they can stick with.

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