Picco Puppy Loves Soccer
by Michael Wong
Picco Puppy

"Is Picco going to score,
or will he miss just like before?"

Picco loves playing soccer with his friends and has a goal of scoring a goal. However, Picco’s friends, including a panda, a monkey, and a bunny (among others) are better players than him. The sun is hot, and Picco runs slower than his playmates. He also doesn’t kick, pass, or dribble the ball as well as anyone else. Still, he has resolve and the support of his friends and family. They push him to keep trying because they know the more work and practice Picco puts into the game, the more he’ll grow as a soccer player. Picco puts in the effort, and he improves. When he finally scores, everyone congratulates him, and he is proud of his accomplishment.

Picco is the lead character in a series of children’s books created by Wong. The author uses Picco in simple, rhymed stories to instill universal values and create positive experiences. The illustrations are also simple and light-hearted and illustrate the story well, even though they are rather plain. Still, this can be an advantage as small children may find the characters’ expressions easier to read in this format. The story is told in verse with the second and fourth lines rhyming, often with slant rhyme. Overall, the pattern works well except for in a couple of stanzas where the line breaks don’t seem to make much sense. Overall, however, it is likely that readers will find themselves rooting for Picco on his journey to achieve his dream, and children and adults alike will be there to cheer when Picco makes a goal and scores a point for perseverance and hard work.

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