"I need to be given foods that are as close as they can be to the way God created them."

An innovative look at naturopathic healing, Bjelland’s debut book allows the body to talk to the reader. The body, referring to the author as its “owner,” tells us what substances we need for optimal health and what to avoid. Chief among the taboo foods are white sugar, white flour, and hydrogenated fats. The body describes what happens when we ingest productive nutrients as opposed to unhealthy materials. It encourages us to understand how our internal physical processes work. We are advised against always accepting what doctors tell us. When you have acid reflux, for example, you may not need an antacid; in fact, acid is needed to aid in the digestive cycle, which the body examines here from beginning to end. In addition to eating well, chewing your food thoroughly is important, as is drinking pure water. Good nutrition starts with the mother, begins at birth, and needs to be a part of our thinking throughout life.

After a relative experienced a serious health crisis, Bjelland trained as a microscopist, and what he learned gave him the impetus to share in this unique way, making the information conveyed enjoyable and comprehensible. The author provides numerous source materials, including photographs and references to leading proponents of natural healing methods. He praises the American Medical Students Association with its PharmFree initiative, providing the hope that some younger medical people “are trying to get away from the influence of drug companies.” Many of the medical problems discussed in the book were either experienced by the author or by the many people he has mentored, often with verifiable positive results. Bjelland seeks to engage and inform a wide audience of people who need this advice, making it more accessible to them through the “body talk” format.

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