Poems from Still Waters Running Deep
by Emma McClain
Author Reputation Press LLC

"Lord, You are my light in darkness,
My hope in a world that’s gone all wrong."

McClain’s spirituality shines through in a compilation that effectively highlights God’s presence and virtue through everyday circumstances a human endures in the material world. Whether it is through the stunning images of nature, particularly the mist, or through the force of her prose, the author helps audiences feel like they are present and God’s gift, rather than beings that are broken and need scolding or preaching.

Separated into various sections, McClain combines an almost lyrical prose with repetition to enhance the energy of each piece. For instance, the repetition of “I am Christian. I am His” at the start of each quatrain in “I am Christian” minimizes and renders inconsequential whether one is rich or poor, struggling or thriving; all are God’s children. Poems like “Shepherd and Lamb” are transparent in demonstrating that human imperfections, such as being deaf and dumb, have no bearing when entering God’s kingdom.

More than anything else, the poetry collection shows how the Lord is in every action, and for those who have embraced Him, there is a different aura. In poems like “Someone Special” and “For Tomorrow,” the individuals project radiance because they know God. Interestingly, McClain incorporates biblical references in narrative form rather than utilizing direct scripture, such as her allusion to following Moses out of Egypt in “Through His Undying Love.” At the center of the work is eternal hope, an opportunity to move beyond fear and discover faith in its purest form through His guidance and unconditional affection. Throughout, the poetry is engaging and resonates with a Christian faith-based audience, prompting them to think about the life they could experience by connecting with God.

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