Poems from the Edge
by Ginny Worley
Stratton Press Publishing

"The garden will again flourish and thrive by what we have done to help it survive."

This volume of poetry is entitled "from the edge" for a good reason. A great many of these poems were composed at a time in the poet's life when she says she was quite literally at the edge of sanity, of completely giving up hope, and of a deep dark despair which was crippling her ability to live life. The book is divided into the following sections: "Darkest Times," "Going Under," "Coming Out," and finally, "Messages of Hope." As the author indicates, this represents the "journey" she has gone through. But just as surely as these poems capture a time in the author's life of a darkness so profound that ending it all was considered a viable option, perhaps the more significant takeaway is that ultimately Worley sees a true sliver of light and hope. Through the process of healing and the writing of these poems, she can finally grasp onto that beckoning shimmer of light and bring herself back from the edge.

Throughout these pages, a strong theme is the poet's emphatic insistence for any reader who might be struggling with seemingly insurmountable circumstances to never give up. "At times only a very faint light was there; it seemed barely visible," she writes. "I had to focus on that tiny ray of light. You can do the same. Envision your journey; let that light illuminate your path." Worley reassures her audience that such a progression is possible for any human soul. In this sense, this is more than a book of poems. It can also be seen as an encouraging self-help guide and motivational testament directly from author to reader. Furthermore, Worley's work is a perfect example of the therapeutic healing nature that the writing process can and does provide for so many individuals.

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