Poetic Confessions: Confessions of a Poet
by Arilita Moore Joyner

"My silent edition is a secret never known.
My fragments remain, but no evidence shown."

This volume of poems and stories tells the story of a twenty-something single mother of a young daughter with developmental challenges. Though she loves her daughter, she is lonely and longs for someone with whom to share her life. She wants to provide a good life for her daughter and feels that a father is a necessary part of that. As she navigates the world of internet dating, she quickly discovers that the men she meets aren't as forthcoming as she is about their motives. There is a long-time boyfriend whose tenderness in their early relationship morphs into the caustic carelessness of a user who only comes around when he wants sex or money. Another professes his wish for a relationship when she connects with him online, yet balks when she moves too fast. The author explores her character's search for romance but also delves into familial relationships, friendships, and her intense love for her daughter.

Joyner's work of fiction reads like deeply personal poetry interspersed with diary entries and short essays. This unique offering is filled with pieces of emotional depth that reveal to readers the desperation of one whose loneliness drives her to seek love through internet dating. As the protagonist struggles to make each relationship into her own vision of love, her inability to fully accept the true nature of each situation is truly heartbreaking. Poems are included that appear to be biographical as they entail such themes as thankfulness for doctors and nurses at Long Beach Memorial Hospital and dedications to friends who have died. The author's straightforward style renders her work both honest and unapologetic. Those who enjoy the discovery of new voices in poetry are likely to appreciate this one.

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