Poetry to God, Volume 1: Lord, Please Hear the Cry
by Terry Webb
Trafford Publishing

"No One knows how long they have
Till their time is past
So try and live your life each day
As if it were your last."

With over two hundred poems diving into the spiritual journey of everyman, this collection forms the poet's impassioned plea for the masses to awaken from the slumber of earthly activities and seek God. He understands, better than most, that no individual is a model of perfection; however, his emphasis with his poetry compilation is on growth and ultimately embracing the love of the Lord into one's heart. From his darkest days, he discovered the mercy of God and believes that anyone else can too. This conviction is strongly prevalent in each poem he composes.

"The Dream" is Webb's version of the warning signal to man that he is headed down the wrong path. However, there are many more poems, including "If Jesus Comes Today," "For You I Died," and "Believe," that focus on washing sin away before judgment day arrives. Faith based poems can often fall into the trap of simply preaching. This collection is different. The man behind the words has been tested, and his own discovery of God and the ensuing happiness gives the poetry a genuine feel.

Another theme that is nearly universal in Webb's work is the idea of God's love, mercy, and sacrifice versus man's sin on earth. Poems like "Does Anyone Care Anymore?," "Christ Paid," and "One Life to Live" are exemplary pieces that depict this theme. Led by "Grow to Know Jesus," the idea of change or growth is a staple of the work as well. Webb is convinced that one cannot seek, much less find, God if he is not willing to change himself, alluding to the ideal example of "O Lucifer," which portrays the stubbornness of an angel turned greatest sinner.

"Eyes of Faith" teaches the reader to view the world with belief rather than the common "I'll believe it when I see it," philosophy. Terry Webb's collection seeks to provide all mankind with eyes of faith. For Christians worldwide, Poetry of God will be received warmly and will have readers flocking to the other volumes in this series.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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