Poetry to God, Volume 2: No Fault Found
by Terry Webb
Trafford Publishing

"He is a friend that's always there-
He's closer than a brother,
He's there to meet thy deepest needs-
To comfort, like no other."

Christian poetry is not a new method of expressing one's faith. The earliest examples come directly from the Bible's Old Testament, but the tradition has continued into modern times. Some writers such as Donne and Blake channeled their beliefs into masterpieces of literature, while others such as Helen Steiner Rice wrote to inspire the common man. The author of this collection falls into this latter category, offering up simple poems of hope, love, and trust designed to lead others to a new or richer life in Christ.

Although predominantly evangelistic, the selections in this second collection of Webb's verse cover a wide range of Christian topics. Some focus on specific ways that God ministers to mankind such as through grace, love, and protection. Others are a definite call for his readers to turn to a savior who is ever reaching out to them. Sprinkled here and there within the mix are some pieces that are more introspective, reflecting Webb's own desire to grow deeper in his faith. All of the poems, though, resonate with the author's personal passion and commitment to Jesus.

This book is not perfect, and a few of the poems suffer from some unintentional grammar and typographical errors. However, Webb's poetry seems deliberately unpretentious and straightforward, completely devoid of the devices some poets use to make their verse sound more highbrow or to make their audience have to analyze each line to determine the poem's point. Instead, the author uses everyday vocabulary, standard rhyme schemes, and uncomplicated stanza patterns in an obvious attempt to communicate clearly rather than confuse. This fits with his stated desire to "change the lives of everyone who reads it, one person at a time."

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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