Poetry to God, Volume 3: Into Thine Hands
by Terry Webb
Trafford Publishing

"My personal Savior, You set me free
From a corrupted life, all filled with sin
You changed my life, and let me live again."

Terry Webb, a former drug addict finds God's mercy and love and turns his life around, recovering all that he had lost. Every word the poet puts to paper in this series is filled with overwhelming love not only for Jesus Christ, but for humanity. While Volume 1 of this series revolved around the idea of awakening from sin, this third volume dwells in the magical power of love and prayer that provides never-ending peace and comfort.

Poetry to God, Volume 3 is a compilation of over one hundred poems that inspire a spiritual renaissance and reignite the thirst for God that is lost as one gets entangled in the repetition of their daily lives. "What's Happening?" and "How Much Longer?" are excellent examples of Webb's concern that society is drifting away and becoming forgetful of the Lord who showed his love by his sacrifice.

One way to address this shift away from the Lord is prayer. Webb provides eleven different "Let Us Pray" poems that ensure divine comfort and protection from God. Interestingly, this compilation would be a good source for children as it would pave a path to the Lord from an early age. Love of the flesh is temporary and fleeting, while poems such as "Never Ending Love," "My Love, My Lord," and "Love is Like Magic" show that the Lord's love is transcendental and knows no bounds. Like Webb’s previous volumes, this installment is a must have for Christian audiences everywhere.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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