Poets, Artists, Lovers: A Novel
by Mira Tudor
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"'And what exactly do you love now?' Alice asked.
'Beauty,' Ela said. 'Isn't Eros the faithful companion of Aphrodite?'"

In the Romanian capital of Bucharest, a small group of friends makes their living largely through creative means—sculpting, playing music, or writing travel articles. Regularly, they get together and party Bohemian-style with food, alcohol, music from the 1960s and 70s, dancing, and, occasionally, passion. At the center of these parties is a man named Pamfil, a violinist who places a high value on youthful living despite being among the oldest in the group. His good looks and carefree attitude make him desirable at one point or another to many of the women among the friends. Close friends Henriette and Ela are driven apart by their mutual desire for Pamfil, and each must learn how to move past their passion for the violinist, discovering happiness for themselves and supporting each other along the way.

Full of musical references and art history, this story completely embraces the lifestyles of its characters. The majority of the focal characters are women, and so the feminine perspective shines brightly from the page as Henriette, Ela, Alice, Anca, and Daria deal with relationships, the pressure to be thin, depression, and learning how to be happy and fulfilled without a boyfriend. The story also features plenty of men who often function as a foil to these challenges, particularly Pamfil and Vlad, a fitness-obsessed, younger member of the group who relentless hounds Daria about exercising properly once they begin dating. In many ways, this book is a celebration of those who walk the artistic path in life, satisfied only by making something unique in the world even if the pay could be better. Driven largely by the conversation between characters as they meet in each other’s apartments for tea or a party, the conviction and emotional power of the characters makes this story worth reading.

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