Police Chief Managing Success
by Patrick L. Cote
Trafford Publishing

"Perseverance, imagination and hard work will accomplish things beyond your wildest dreams. Believe in yourself and your expectations will be realized. Never give up."

The author, who has the benefit of thirty years in the field of law enforcement, including teaching at the University of Phoenix, wrote this book as a guide for people interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement or some other aspect of criminal justice. In fact, this insightfully written book contains tips and advice that would be useful a career in any field, including the importance of networking, how to prepare and perform during a job interview, how to behave in conflict situations in the work place. Always there is an emphasis on doing the right thing. The book is also recommended for the people who work with police officers, including attorneys, judges, paralegals and private investigators, as well as small town government officials, including Mayors, city administrators, town councils.

Drawing upon actual experience in the small towns of Somersworth, N.H; Florence, AZ; and lastly, Fort Lupton, Colorado, the author teaches the reader about the effects of politics on performance and suggests ways to deal with the often negative impacts of those politics without sacrificing one's values. What makes this book especially worthwhile are the lessons that can be applied to any aspect of life. The focus is not restricted to successfully nailing down a job, but doing the best job possible and, if necessary, how best to move on after losing the job. This book that starts out as a manual on being successful within a specific career field is actually a manual on living life in a moral and ethical way, and, for that reason, it makes good reading for a wider audience than the author may initially have envisioned.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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