Portal 106
by Georgina Fatseas
Royale House Publishing

"Something you taught me. If you can’t beat them, confuse them."

Prince Alcyn has found himself as the only person to turn to in a time of crisis. An aggressive species known as the Lacertians are threatening to destroy the galactic civilizations of Oberon and Amanda. The lizard-like yet humanoid aliens must be stopped, and the inhabitants of the galaxies in crisis are now looking to Alcyn for answers. However, the prince in question hasn’t exactly been too keen on the political game, being much more interested in developing a traveling technology called the neutrino than leading his people. By pure accident, the neutrino viewer accidentally sucks up Jed, a human from Australia. Can the horse stud owner from Earth help save these galaxies as well as the Earth he calls home? Can he and Alcyn work together to fight the Lacertians?

Fatseas has created quite a space adventure that could rival that of some of the major sci-fi series to date. It’s the kind of story that will give the biggest sci-fi buffs enough to keep them satisfied but which also doesn’t alienate those new to the sci-fi world. Some elements are a little more on the dry side, which could cause some readers to crave a little less explanation and a little more action. Seeing as this book is the first in a series, though, the detailed explanation is necessary for the reader to understand the rich world that Fatseas has built. Perhaps the most enjoyable feature, however, is the development between the characters. The way that they play off one another and interact is what drives that plot along. Readers will feel attached to these characters, will want to see their adventures in space, and undoubtedly wish to see them succeed against the Lacertians.

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