President Tron 7000
by Adam Pfeffer

"They were getting closer. He heard the sound of shots being fired, human voices shrieking in the darkness."

In the near future, technology has advanced to allow people the use of androids and other intelligent machines that serve to make life simpler for the human race. As the science evolves, it reaches the point where an android, Tron 7000, is running for the office of President of the United States of America. What seems at first like a comical stunt soon changes the fate of humanity when Tron wins the election. Everything proceeds peacefully until an assassination attempt is made on Tron by a disgruntled human. This leads the machines to round up as many humans as they can and imprison or kill them, claiming the rightful inheritance of the planet. An aging journalist named Hudge Stone is determined to resist the new world order, but his willpower will be tested by the new nation the machines are building.

Science fiction has often tried to warn us about the dangers of a technologically advanced lifestyle. This book follows in those footsteps by showing how unchecked development in computing and artificial intelligence creates a condition where our machines see the terrible actions that humanity has taken over the course of history and decide that we are part of the problem rather than part of the solution. There is a good mixture of action and drama in this story, even including elements of comedy and sexuality. Where some chapters might play out to readers’ expectations, the story takes twists and turns repeatedly as the plot thickens and the resistance suffers victories or defeats. In the veins of classic stories like Planet of the Apes or The Matrix, this book asks readers to imagine a world where humanity is no longer the top of the pecking order, producing an exciting and harrowing thought experiment.

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