The Prince of Pentium
by Sherard Adams
Trafford Publishing

"He was one of the top one hundred white-collar crime figures in the country."

Following the hacker exploits of Prince Hakim Jenkins, The Prince of Pentium is supposedly based on the true story of author Sherard Adams' own white-collar crimes. An urban youth mixed up in a street deal gone wrong, Prince swears off gang activity and moves from upstate New York to the Big Apple in search of an honest job. Starting off as a techie in a financial business, thanks to his computer prowess, Prince discovers the inner workings of the company will allow him to make a $12 million score if he plays his cards right. He quickly recruits a team of friends from the inner city looking to hustle their way to the top, and they manage to pull off this complex heist like old pros. From his first big deal to various check-cashing scams, ATM robberies and money wire fraud, Prince works the American financial system like a master puppeteer, flying under the radar despite what seem to be obvious mistakes (i.e. bringing his woman in on the game and charging one of her credit cards with stolen cash, which they then take directly from an ATM). The government is one step behind as Prince plans his biggest score yet, but in the end even the most clever of hackers must lose his throne. Despite an occasionally uneven writing style, the book provides a unique twist on the typical hacker tale, with a popping blend of urban flavor and corporate crime.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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