Professional You: Steps to Employment
by Celeste Gloster
Trafford Publishing

"The characteristics an interviewer looks for in an applicant are professionalism, a positive attitude and good communication skills."

It’s a tough world out there. No matter who you are, what skills you have, or where you attended school, it isn’t easy to build a professional career without a plan. Gloster’s book helps job seekers set a solid foundation on which they can build their own personal brand. This workbook is an updated follow-up to the author’s previous publication, Insight for Success. By the time you complete it, you’ll be fully prepared to become a more professional version of yourself.

The workbook dives right in with a step-by-step tutorial for creating a resume. Job seekers are asked to write down information about their educational achievements, past and current work experience, volunteer responsibilities, and references. Gloster provides sample resumes, which guide applicants in formatting their own correctly. Unlike many job-seeking books, this one also includes a discussion on completing the job application properly—a helpful touch for recent graduates. Next, the workbook moves on to interview preparation. Here, Gloster’s experience in human resources is truly evident. From body language to wardrobe choices to interview questions, this workbook offers a comprehensive look at everything applicants need to ace those nerve-wracking interviews. By the end of it, job seekers will know how to answer the most common questions such as “Tell me about a challenge you faced and how you overcame it.”

Despite its comprehensive information, this workbook isn’t overwhelmingly long. Gloster offers just enough relevant guidance to keep job seekers encouraged and on track with their career development without drowning them in tiresome dos and don’ts. The result is a relevant and actionable workbook that sets the stage for those who wish to become their best professional selves.

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