Prometheus Rebound
by R.L. Akers

"Exactly two minutes after detonation, to the second, the shockwave reaches I-70 to the north. By now, many motorists have pulled to the shoulder to stare in shock, but others have sped up, attempting to get away."

The United States Air Force's enigmatic Area 51 in southern Nevada has long been the subject of endless conspiracy theories as well as legends about UFOs, alien autopsies, and advanced technologies. While yet another novel featuring the site would seem to be destined to fall into the ho-hum category, Akers' fast-paced science fiction thriller is far from boring. In fact, it is a vastly entertaining and engrossing read that is almost impossible to put down.

Kara Dunn is a frustrated university instructor and doctoral student whose extensive research as project lead on the development of a space combat video game has met with disdain from some members of her dissertation committee. Little does she know, though, that others have taken a significant interest both in her work and her, enough that they are willing to kill her in order to keep what she has designed from being fully developed. After an attempt on her life is barely prevented, she is approached by the father of her roommate, an Air Force Brigadier General, and informed that she has been secretly protected for a long time. She is then offered the chance to use her knowledge on a mysterious project that she later discovers involves real spaceships based on her designs. But what at first seems merely exciting and intriguing becomes deadly serious after the first U.S. city is destroyed, and Kara will soon discover how pivotal she is in the fight to prevent an alien invasion.

Deftly blending elements of the movie "Independence Day" with the pace of Tom Clancy and David Weber's scientific explanations of future technology, Akers has crafted a well-written tale of military science fiction that will keep readers begging for more.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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