Protect Your Personal Information
by Anzar Hasan & Abbas Mirza
Trafford Publishing

"If each page doesn’t have the required security, then the website is surely vulnerable to attack, and you are risking your information."

In the digital age, people are constantly bombarded by companies and devices to surrender the details of their lives in the name of new apps and conveniences. What people fail to realize is that these companies aren’t the only ones trying to access personal data, bank accounts, or other sensitive details: criminals and hackers are looking for any opportunity to break into accounts believed to be secure. This book explains to readers the dangers they face whenever using an online device, and how best to put up defenses to mitigate the threats of these potentially life-ruining attacks. By the end of the book, even the least tech-savvy of users can feel confident that they can safeguard their accounts from unseen threats trying to use their identities or devices for their own personal gain.

The book's title might seem like the kind that has the dual effect of scaring readers about potential dangers that they haven’t considered while simultaneously being too technical to help, but the authors do a great job of offering solid technical advice in everyday speech. Shining a light on times in which convenience opens the door too widely for threats to take control of computers or phones and install viruses or malware, the book lists the steps readers will need to follow range from setting up firewalls to simply knowing whether or not a public network or website is being secure with their information. This book is a valuable resource to help people understand why an attack on their account or device was carried out, or as a preventative lesson for children or adults getting their hands on a piece of connected technology for the first time.

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