by Chris Phillips

"This is the Age of Aquarius and ‘tell all’ is a good motto for us to follow as we move beyond the canonical scandals of the Church, manipulation of opinion, misinformation and a wide range of secret codes and names."

An eclectic book of 235 pages, it is followed by three pages of bibliography. With beautiful photos, much of this being the work of the artist Raphael, as well as other photos, it begins with the focus on the legends of Psyche, Cupid, Venus, and Pan. It examines the work regarding Original Blessing and the Wisdom Paths including a mandala of the nine spheres of Original Blessing. The book continues to examine these wisdom paths with a primary focus on Linda Goodman’s work—a work that is significantly quoted. This is regarding the virtues such as creativity, sensitivity, love, mystery, and partnership. The book then continues to astrology and archetypes, followed by utilizing the Chaldean-Kabala Numerical Alphabet as well as the periodic table of elements. Finally, it examines the psychology of HIV and AIDS and then, one’s personal transformation and transcendence.

This book travels afar in examining myth, religion, art, philosophy, science, math, astronomy, astrology, chemistry, physics, health, and karma. The beginning work with the focus on Psyche, Cupid, Venus, and Pan is nicely explored. Likewise, the chapter on personal work is valuable for helping you find fascinating information for your own growth. Throughout, there is beauty in the art and the storytelling, as well as some exercises to help with your healing. Also, if you are a fan of the work by Linda Goodman, this will be an interesting adjunct in examining sun signs, star signs, and the spheres of inclination. Yet due to its plethora of topics, the book becomes, at times, a hodge-podge of information. The best way to read this text is by focusing on a section and then giving yourself time to wade through the various concepts and beliefs—especially regarding the mathematical and scientific work.

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