Purring Angels
by Marguerite Vlielander
Trafford Publisher

"Fluffies make excellent barometers. Storm! All five have been running and playing the whole morning."

A mixture of autobiography and "pet biography," this book relays all the joys and challenges of owning cats of all ages and personalities. The author is eager to share her love for cats and the love that cats can offer not just her but any person willing to properly take care and look after them. From their home in the countryside of Belgium, much is described of each of the cats' lives, making this not just a book about cats, but a book for these cats that have become a crucial part of the family and daily life. From playing to anxieties, welcoming new furry friends, and even coping with sickness, information is presented on not only how to take care of a feline pet, but how to take these lessons and apply them to human life as well. The latter third of the book is filled with important information like how to administer first aid to a cat, warning signs, and prevention for potentially fatal diseases and conditions.

The author's love and admiration of cats comes through on every page just as clearly as the character of the cats who act as the stars of the story. Most details are explained in a calm, friendly tone, full of excitement and eagerness for people to find the love of a pet. All of this combines to create a pleasant, warm read that is interesting for its human and animal stories, as well as informative in the practical information it presents. This is a title that any loving pet owner can relate to, no matter what kind of creature they keep in their company.

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