Quack Goes the Corgi
by Nancy Kondos

"The Corgi is a QUACKER. That is, He’s a barker who barks as often as a duck QUACKS."

Quack Goes the Corgi is a fun-filled and silly book that captures various random antics as well as characteristics unique to Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Kondos' debut book introduces young children to the loveable and distinctive features of these popular pets that are the preferred breed of Queen Elizabeth II.

First time author Nancy Kondos combines her love of animals and her knack for cartooning to produce a lively one-of-a-kind educational canine book. The previous owner of Pembroke Welsh Corgis, Kondos utilizes her knowledge of these oddly shaped creatures and translates it into simple sentence structures intended to perk young readers' interest to further inquiries. Kondos' narrative would be incomplete without her simple yet complementary childlike drawings. Capitalizing on her catchy title, Kondos opens by comparing corgi attention-getter barking to the incessant quacking of a duck before delving into other physical attributes.

While a corgis' bark clearly stands out, so too its physical traits, which Kondos emphasizes when talking about their ear size (i.e. comparing a corgi to a bunny) and their squat body shape (i.e., a three-corgi dog pile up is equivalent to an adult's knee). Regardless of these awkward features, Kondos also gives examples of their amazing intelligence, such as their strange ability to keep to a lengthy fixed stare (i.e. Kondos shows a corgi and a bunny having a staring contest), and their ability to perform tricks (i.e. balancing a ball).

Kondos closes with a brief mention to corgis' connections with Queen Elizabeth II and their love for naps. Although this book is designed for those (parents especially) who are well acquainted with corgis, Kondos provides just enough humorous information to raise corgi awareness for curiosity seekers. A portion of the book sales goes to support animal welfare.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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