Rainbow Love
by Margaret M. Peiffer
Trafford Publishing

"After the shower, a rainbow appeared in the sky. The colors were red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and violet."

Zippo, a chipmunk, and Acrobat, a squirrel, love playing together in Fort Ward Park. Zippo and Acrobat love the park for many reasons but mostly because many people come to the park for picnics and always leave food behind for the friends to eat. There is even enough food to store away for rainy and cold days. Today, Zippo and Acrobat are playing Catch Me when suddenly the sky starts to darken. When the rain begins, Zippo and Acrobat run home. After the rain is over, the friends meet again, and Zippo sees a rainbow in the sky. Zippo has never before seen a rainbow and asks Acrobat about the colors. Acrobat tells Zippo the story of Noah and how a rainbow was created as a signal for Noah and his family.

Peiffer has created a lighthearted, amusing children’s story by using entertaining characters—Zippo and Acrobat. Peiffer teaches children through these two characters the story of Noah and how God helped Noah and his family save all the animals of Earth. She illustrates in details understandable by her young audience how God created a rainbow after forty days and forty nights of rain to show Noah it was now safe to inhabit the world again and that never again would God destroy the Earth with waters. Peiffer goes further into education by adding fun facts about rainbows at the end of her story so children can learn all about the colors of a rainbow, how a rainbow is formed, and where the best places are to find rainbows. She ignites the imagination of each young reader to want to learn more about this magnificent, colorful display in the sky.

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