Real Life: Construction Management Guide from A-Z
by Jamil Soucar
Dorrance Publishing Co

"Managing a construction project requires a skill in managing personalities and characters of the involved parties in addition the required technical knowledge."

Soucar offers a handy reference to the real-life pitfalls of construction management. The text claims to be different from other books available that teach scheduling, cost control, construction documentation, and change order processes. A conversation about real life and human factors as well as a guideline for best practices, the book offers solutions to navigate multiple personalities, politics, and agendas, making the estimate that 20% of construction is job management, and 80% is people skills. The three sections of the book explore principles, a real-life gauge, and best practice tips. The author takes the reader through the history and principles of construction management and examines the roles the construction manager plays in managing client relationships and different types of projects.

Soucar provides a comprehensive guide that a reader in the career of construction management will find exceedingly useful. The diagrams showing relationships between job responsibilities and the roles of different people provide a helpful visual reference for the reader. The examples of job management for different clients such as school districts, cities, and counties additionally show the reader how to handle people and contracts in a variety of situations. A manager in any industry will appreciate and learn from the key skills a construction manager has to have and the aspects of planning that include goals, funding, political consideration, and environmental issues. Finally, the job start meeting outline is a crucial tool for the construction manager to use at the beginning of a job. A manager moving through his or her career in construction will not want to miss this reference book.

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