Reapers of Souls and Magic: A Rohrlands Saga
by R.E. Fisher
Between the Lines Publishing

"It was then that the world became sundered by this magic."

The book begins with the premise that Earth was created by mistake. Thirteen arrogant Elfaheen misused the power of the Gods, promising doom for each of the worlds they created. Innocent Tetra, who faithfully followed the tenants of the Gods, is forced to team up with the leader of the Elfaheen if she is to save the world, also known as The Rohrlands. Not only must the naïve Tetra fight demons, she soon realizes she must fight some of the same darkness that lives inside of her own soul, as well.

The author sets up a colorful story with high-stakes adventure. Filled with dragons, darkness and deadly turns, the plot includes many surprises and succeeds in keeping the reader’s interest along the way. Lavalor strikes a menacing figure. He’s powerful enough to tap into his followers’ own greed and convince them that they are as all-powerful as God—a dangerous misunderstanding. His most ambitious plan—to bring about the end of the world—will affect every living being.

The dialogue is convincing and well-written. The book is quite long, but the plot brings the reader into unique settings which work to keep the pace moving at a nice clip. Each chapter begins with a verse, reminiscent of biblical passages, and helps to increase the world-building. In fact, there are many religious overtones throughout the book, and the author seems to be drawing from many religious teachings. Tetra is an admiral hero, ready to sacrifice herself for the good of her people. This is a well-written first book in the author’s series for young adults.

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