Red Diaper Baby Mid-Life Transitions
by J. Marx Ayres
Trafford Publishing

"The site was one of the most scenic locations along the California coast and I felt privileged to be working on a project at this location."

Ayres continues his autobiography with a look at his post World War II life. This is a follow-up to 2008's initial volume. It covers Ayres' successful career as a mechanical engineer and his activism as a devout communist in the Joe McCarthy era and beyond. It's also an intimate personal memoir that discusses his marriage, the raising of three children, and his post-divorce life, including sexual conquests and mid-life interests such as music and yoga. Included are many personal photos, including one full frontal nude shot of himself. There are also many reproduced newspaper and other clippings that detail his accomplishments and those of his children, who were talented musicians.

Ayres writes in great detail in a well-organized way that follows his life virtually moment-by-moment. He is clearly proud of his work, which included contributing to the design of some landmark construction projects such as California's Marineland of the Pacific. Often, the narrative delves deeply into the stats of construction projects he was involved in, including the remodeling of his Los Angeles home. Ayres additionally offers social and political opinions including his contention that the World Trade Center towers did not collapse in 2001, but rather were blown up. A comprehensive look at the life of a man who proudly achieved much while weathering personal challenges.

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