Regaining Paradise: Forming a New World View, Knowing God, and Journeying into Eternity
by Paul Corson

"The journeys involve seeing yourself from afar and perceiving the universe through a much wider lens, which may at first be intimidating."

After discovering a paradise beyond what humans daily experience, the author began to research theories held by others interested in past events, such as the Big Bang, Darwinism, and energies like light, time, and gravity, which impact all aspects of life. Calling this a hero's journey, Corson ventures to provide each myth or fact a chapter's worth of space, a place to voice and defend arguments. Chunked into manageable parcels, complex ideas invite analysis rather than overwhelm.

Each chapter in the book uniquely presents a variety of well-assembled theories and facts mingled with deeper thoughts to challenge all readers. For example, Chapter Seven considers time measured in both its immortal and ordinary aspects. Chapter Thirty details Corson's miraculous healing from a cancerous growth, including the poem of comfort he wrote about the experience. His poem is shared at opening ceremonies for the AIDS Memorial Quilt. In Chapter Thirty-Six, the author states his goal to help the reader to think of heaven as a real and extraordinarily wonderful realm.

Corson is a self-proclaimed seeker after experiencing several out-of-body experiences, the first at the age of ten. Later, as a pharmacist, he established a protocol for treating HIV/AIDS. This book chronicles his personal research for wisdom, gained from physicists, authors, poets, and mystics, then evaluated according to his own life experience. Presented in snippets of investigative thought, his book opens windows with an invitation to glimpse the vastness of eternity from conservative and creationist viewpoints. The author hopes that the vision each reader gains on their journey will be brought back and lived out to benefit their current corner of this world.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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