The Reindeer Chronicles: The Green Scarf
by Michael McWade
Trafford Publishing

"If you want to survive in this world, you must pay more attention to everything around you."

In the ever popular tradition of holiday songs, stories, and TV classics highlighting Santa and his illustrious team of reindeer, the focus has often been on the celebrated character, Rudolph. Though initially ostracized by his bulbous red nose, ultimately he proved to be the unique guiding light, as he joined other four-footed flyers in their travels across a foggy night sky to deliver a bounty of Christmas packages. For those curious about the other team members chosen to participate in the honorary Christmas Eve flight, Michael McWade offers a delightful tale about the lesser known bucks in the sleigh team and their adventurous efforts to gain entry into "Flight School." Apparently, "everyone knows that is where Santa gets the reindeer to pull his sleigh on Christmas Eve!"

This is a charming children's story that entertains with simple geographic elements and light banter among a group of competitive young reindeer. But when the actions of a little red fox named Scarlet delay one student's Flight School goals, there are valuable lessons to be learned. The admonition is about not taking what doesn't belong to you, along with takeaway teachings regarding friendship and believing in yourself. Accompanying illustrations by Ivan Earl Aguilar are simple and effective. From a toothy-grinned polar bear and menacing wolf, to the big lashed, soulful-eyed Vixen, the expressive details justly compliment the story. Through the sweet, burly Santa with a twinkle in his eye, readers witness acts of kindness, acknowledgement, and understanding.

Like visions of sparkling sugar plums or the perennial Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer seasonal favorite that features an elf who dreams of becoming a dentist, McWade's own Reindeer Chronicles retain an essence of holiday spirit. Entwined within the narrative is a quiet, yet heartfelt message about never losing faith. This is a worthy contemplation, anytime of year.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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