Remember Me, Shane
by Christin R. Carlson
Trafford Publishing

"Writing this book feels good. I use it as a release, a healing tool. I feel this book will keep Shane's spirits with us and alive."

Christin Carlson has written a beautiful memoir in loving remembrance of her 16 year old son Shane, who died in a drowning accident. Filled with heartfelt intention and raw emotion, Carlson relates the loss of a child as only a mom could do. Here details of the tragic event exude the author's anguish, as her revelatory writing style draws readers to the depths of her pain. As Carlson's faith is severely tested, we see her question God. Yet, "where there is pain, there is healing" are words she whispers while being carried from the scene where Shane's body is recovered.

On the brighter side, this is also a story about pride and joy. Above all else, the author writes in mind of emphasizing Shane as a loving and positive individual. When Carlson describes Shane with his love of family and friends, his faith-driven life, and his compassionate ways, readers are left with the impression that he truly was "an exceptional young man." The personal stories and closing letters at the end of the book attest to the fact that Shane undoubtedly touched many lives and will be greatly missed.

In the aftermath of such an ordeal, one can only imagine how difficult it is to relive the experience by capturing it in words. But clearly the writing served as a cathartic experience. Carlson often used what she termed her "mental rolodex" to get lost in thought, or draw on memories of Shane. The cover photograph depicts Carlson's beloved son flashing a toothy smile and a peace sign, against the backdrop of an ocean horizon. This solitary moment seems most fitting; the image of a happy teen who loved the beach and saw the world as his oyster. There is certainly much sadness in a life cut short. Hopefully the author will find comfort and solace in her ability to bring Shane's kind-hearted spirit to light, within the pages of such a memorable and intimate portrait.

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