"Am I having a Kundalini experience? If so, why is everything murky?"

In book two of The Agents of the Nevermind series, as WWIII seems imminent, especially with the rise of attacks on civilians in some Balkanized country, Nancy has escaped the bizarre Nevermind intelligence agency and is now in disguise. Unfortunately, she thinks she has been identified. Her artist friend Becky, who has phobia issues, becomes paranoid when she finds strange clues that appear to indicate that her lover Stan may be having an affair with another woman. And then there is the multiple personality Recycler who seems to be more aware of what’s happening in people’s lives (“Like who is going to die.”) than garbage picking. Becky asks Nancy to spy on Stan. What Nancy and Becky learn is far more sinister than they could ever imagine.

Bensko shines a light on present day political upheavals amid a twisted tale in her recent psychological suspense thriller. Of course, Nancy, the series’ heroine, is back. While Glossolalia centers on Nancy’s bizarre connection with Nevermind, Remember to Recycle is just plain surreal. Bensko floods her plot with a carefully crafted cast brimming with crazed characters that exhibit equally crazed traits (i.e., phobias, multiple personalities, alternate personas, dreamers)—a real mark of a psychological thriller.

It's difficult at times to distinguish from good and bad (or even from corrupt and downright evil) characters. Bensko magnifies this confusion by keeping to third person point of view for much of her storyline, except for the Recycler ironically set to first person narrative. Amid alternating bizarre character scenes punctuated with sex, Bensko weaves in the disconcerting tenor of the times—both in the U.S. and internationally. Heavily laced throughout are themes of propaganda, fake news, regime change schemes, fascist puppets, and all things about intelligence. This book is a winner among psychological thriller enthusiasts.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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