by Leigh Goodison
Sheffield Publications

"Radiation, pollution, lack of water conservation, and ultimately the inability to grow crops, rendered the planet a wasteland."

Earth is dying quickly, and scientists have been sent out on several missions to find habitable planets. Unfortunately, all the missions thus far have been failures. With predictions that Earth can only support three more years of human habitation, a final mission takes place to the planet Arianrhod to collect specimens and samples in the hope of making this new planet habitable for humans. A team of young, enigmatic leaders, headed by former Marine Ralph Reynard, are selected for this final mission and have a mere ninety days to arrive, collect, and return to Earth to save the human race. Upon landing on Arianrhod, these scientists discover they are not alone and that their true mission may be more than their leader Reynard divulged.

Goodison has created a fascinating and gripping novel by combining elements of space exploration, intelligent alien life, and the future possibilities of Earth’s demise. Using the history of the Lost Cosmonauts of the Soviet Union Space Program from the 1950s, Goodison offers a level of believability throughout the novel that makes the reader wonder what, if anything, we are doing to save Earth now. Could this realistically be our future? The author’s tale is a fast-paced page turner where each chapter leaves one wanting to know more and keeping the interest level high throughout the entire novel. Goodison has created the characters in her story to be very mysterious in both their private lives and on the mission. The reader must figure out who can be trusted and who cannot as the narrative moves toward its surprise ending.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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