Resilience Birthright: Origins of Resilience
by Jessica Jane Robinson
Resilience Birthright, LLC

"Our child is the chosen one; she must survive, she will save life itself, it is her birthright."

Every superhero has an origin story that tells the tale of how it all began. This is the story of Resilience and the devastating time of conflict she is born into which will forge her destiny as a hero and hope of her people. Resilience’s early life foreshadows her great mission to save her planet and connects her to a deep ancestry of love and support. Moving seamlessly between the present and the past, the story begins with Resilience’s birth in the midst of an epic fight to save the planet Terravitae. Her father, the king, is desperate to send his wife and newborn daughter into hiding while the war rages.

The world of Resilience and her people comes quickly into focus with effective and useful character summaries that lead right into the immediate conflict and imminent war. The king gives a rousing speech to his warriors and establishes the history and mythology of the culture. The interplay between the artwork and the narrative contributes to the important task of worldbuilding that makes any fantasy series successful. The settings are spectacular, and Terravitae is a fully realized world with each panel pushing the action and building suspense and wonder. With vivid artwork that propels the story forward, good vs. evil takes shape through striking color contrasts and powerful body language. Wrenching facial expressions and close-ups reveal devious characters bent on domination and destruction along with conflicted characters striving for answers and a way forward.

The story of Resilience is only just beginning. This origin story has built a credible world for this newborn superhero and set her on a destiny that readers will want to follow.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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