Reverence: Volume 1
by Joshua Aaron Landeros

"The time for talking was done. Nobody held back as both sides sprayed bullets onto one another."

Half a century into the future, the United States has been replaced by the United Nation Republic, a global superpower that is ruthless in its efficiency but loved by the people. The source of their military strength comes from the Super Soldier Android program, which converts wounded soldiers into the ultimate killing machines. Powerful enough to lift 500 pounds without breaking a sweat, with nearly invincible bodies and pinpoint accuracy, the UNR has 144,000 of these specialists to help keep the peace both at home and abroad. William Marconi is one of the First Fifty, among the first androids ever produced, and his loyalty has never been an issue. However, flashes of memories haunt him at night, and as glimpses of his former human life reveal themselves slowly, everyone he trusts and everything he knows might just be a lie.

With a high-action pace and a cinematic style, this title builds a compelling world for future titles in the planned series. The story does such a good job of unfolding its mystery that it can be hard to put down once the seeds of doubt are planted in William's and the reader's mind. The combination of the frequent and violent action and the diverse cast of characters makes nearly every moment of every chapter interesting and relevant. Fans of science fiction movies and books may be able to spot ways that the author was inspired by other popular work, but that only serves to make the scenes of intense combat that much easier to imagine. Readers looking for action will find plenty to enjoy here, and those looking for more nuance will discover the beginnings of a plot filled with intrigue and mystery to keep them glued to the page.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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