Rise of the Chimera: The Chimera Saga
by Paul C. Hill
AuthorHouse UK

"For a business person or scientist, that is probably the greatest advantage we have, over other peopleā€¦ You must guard against enjoying a situation. Analyze, Adapt and Achieve, then you are in control."

By trade, scientists are calculating, meticulous, and, above all else, practical. Normally guided by precision and logic, Dr. Charlene Klerk, one of the most talented biologists and chemist prodigies in the world, has to undergo an overwhelming transformation. Charlene lives by a very strict routine every single day, consisting of a healthy balance between work, training, and meditation. Unlike anything she is used to though, her fate ultimately comes down to how well she can tap into and subsequently control her feelings and emotions towards both her past and future. One trip to a scientific conference will change her mind and body in ways she may never understand.

At the conference, she meets a group of unsuspecting strangers who will together be thrown head-first into a world of magic, darkness, and other-worldly forces. As each of them comes to understand their true power, they must simultaneously find a way to save the existence of reality.

In this multi-layered mystical saga, each character quickly gets in sync with themselves on a new level as they journey further into the unknown. Just as you begin to think that you have figured out what lies ahead for the group, another dimension of intrigue and awareness is introduced, presenting an entirely new set of questions. The readers and each team member must figure out the eye-opening changes together, creating a truly immersive union. Much like the very essence of the characters, Hill weaves a transformative tale in this fluid and exciting fusion of genres.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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