"Those years were the worst...of my life, but...it doesn’t matter to me now because I just live on with peace of mind, in harmony..."

This true drama between darkness and light began with the author’s birth to a New Brunswick family as the tenth of 14 children. His father was raised Catholic and taught the children the rosary and about Jesus. His mother used a deck of cards to predict futures. Without work after the war, the family rented a farmhouse no one else wanted. As a six-year-old, Plourde slept upstairs with his older siblings. As the youngest, he went to bed first and was harassed by thick darkness and noises—something dragging across the floor and otherworldly hisses. He would dive under the covers, praying to Jesus, and stay there until his next siblings came to bed. Once others felt this evil presence, the parents found out the house was haunted and moved them back to town. Evil noises continued until his mother’s cards were burned in the stove, and the author survived a deadly illness. His father found work, and the author discovered his gift as a carpenter, like Jesus.

Plourde obviously inherited his father’s work ethic, and despite regretting a lack of formal education, he became respected in church and well-paid in business, living prosperously in Western Canada with his wife and children. This 112-page memoir is proof that Jesus still calls little children to Himself and people from all walks of life to serve as His disciples. Almost like a thermostat was reset, Plourde's working years onward were fully blessed. While a study-guide would be beneficial, the author still reaches his targeted audience of parents, pastors, and anyone with a haunting past. Parents will realize the profound effect of their beliefs on their children. Whoever was scarred by trauma can take control and discover great potential. The author’s well-written book fully supports his claim: crediting all he did to the help of God.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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