River of Deceit
by Gabriel Zeldis
Trafford Publishing

"The fires of heaven that grow hot. The light shown is from the Cathedral. My whole life I waited for someone like Rachael."

An interesting look at a stream of consciousness of a writer and a musician in love, River of Deceit follows the many identities of Josiah Young. When he's singing with his band, he goes by Israel Kaine, and as a superhero, he is known as Eagle Hawk, bouncing between realities and metaphors at a dizzying pace. This book explores issues of religion, addiction, failed romances, and confidence as it predominantly focuses on the conversation between Josiah and the love of his life, Rachael. The two talk about their careers, their issues with the world around them, their pasts, and each other. As they do so, their characters come to life mainly out of the way they speak to and dote on each other.

The narrative of River of Deceit favors a more poetic form than standard prose. Rachael and Josiah's dialogue is broken up with imagery, song lyrics, and an inner monologue that helps the reader get inside of the colorful mind of Josiah. Still, it's a very intimate portrait of an artist who is appreciative of the world around him and faithful to his beliefs as he celebrates them. With its artful form and language, the story leaves the reader with some unanswered questions, but to read it simply as an interpretation of the way one person's mind works gives a surprising bit of clarity to the way people think. For readers interested in the link between societal and spiritual issues, this book will be a like-minded companion.

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