The Road to Controlling Your Career
by Ty C. Ferrell Sr.
Trafford Publishing

"The question is not, are there jobs available? The question is, are you prepared to get the available jobs?"

Ferrell packs a lot of good detail about getting the job you want into this slim 50-page book, which was written especially for baby boomers seeking a new position. The core of the book is focused on constructing an attention-getting resume that stands out from the crowd; and on how to successfully prepare for a wide array of interview types that employers use to evaluate candidates. Along the way, Ferrell also provides guidance on preparing effective cover letters, elevator pitches and thank-you letters, as well as on how to effectively conduct salary negotiations once the employer shows that they are interested in hiring you.

Probably the most unique and useful aspect of this book is its explanation of about twenty different interview types, and how to successfully handle yourself in these varying situations. For example, there is the behavioral/assessment interview, where the interviewer wants to hear about real issues that you have previously faced. Ferrell's advice here is to consider how the company you are interviewing with would want you to handle similar issues, based on your preparation and understanding of the company.

This book is especially effective in its advice on the interviewing process. Another useful feature is a list of several dozen "common interview questions" that you can use in preparation for an interview. However, its title is somewhat misleading, in that it focuses on being hired, but not on controlling or advancing your career once you're working inside the organization. Also, the book has quite a few typos and editing errors. In the end, Ferrell provides guidance on how to recognize the type of interview you are undergoing, and how to effectively handle the situation.

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