Roger the Mini-Dragon and the Magic Meadow
by Trish Sardinha

"Matthew leaned down and touched the pure white fur, stroked the sweet but at times scary face, and realized Sugar had moved on."

Roger was very lucky. His mother had laid the egg he had hatched from in prehistoric times, but somehow it had survived into the present. Unfortunately, that meant that the little dragon had emerged from his leathery shell into an era where creatures like him no longer existed. Things could have gone very badly for him if he hadn't been discovered by some friendly, wild denizens of the park. With their help he was quickly able to become acquainted with this world he had entered accidentally and soon was making even more friends. But would everyone be as understanding and friendly as they were?

Set in the community of Varsity in Calgary, Canada, the author spins a charming tale of a magical mini-dragon whose engaging innocence and good-hearted nature touches the hearts of all he meets. Like in many children's books, all of the animals and birds are able to communicate with each other, but Roger is unique in that he can talk with humans who believe in magic. This ability not only helps him in his adventures but also serves to foster mutual appreciation and cooperation between his animal and people friends. The book has several other positive messages, as well, such as caring for others, being grateful, facing your fears, etc. The book's main theme, though, is reflected in the title. The magic meadow is depicted as a place of peace where all animals go when they die, and the author's purpose seems to be to help children cope with the loss of an animal friend.

Sardinha writes well and understands how to keep a story moving at just the right speed for her audience. Roger is sure to make many new friends among young readers.

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