by Blaine C. Readler
Full Arc Press

"A bested cougar or wolf would have taken its fate with dignity. A mercy killing is never easy. The alien had made Rook’s task easy."

One day, as Rook pursues a rite of passage to become a capable member of his tribe by facing down a cougar, he finds himself swept into the heavens by a star-sailing boat. Rook begins a journey with the guidance of mysterious beings known as The Hiding Voice and Tiny Voice, which allows him to travel between time and stars. As Rook’s journey rolls onward, he faces the realization that everyone he knew has died, realizes that his role in significant events of Earth’s history is paramount, and gains a new friend in Jamail, a friend who will change Rook’s life and outlook forever. Just as Rook begins to accept his role, he becomes captured in a fight for the universe that ultimately shapes the rest of his destiny as he faces battles against an alien race known as The Lynx.

This book captures a hero’s innocence and undaunting courage by placing its main character in and with some of the foremost events and characters of history—Alexander the Great, Christ, and even John Wilkes Booth. Readers of works such as Alexis Marie Chute’s 8th Island Trilogy will appreciate the youthfulness of this book’s main character and his companion Jamail, while history buffs will appreciate the subtle insertion of historical events that ultimately changed the course of human history. Star Trek lovers will appreciate the otherworldly technology, mind-bending time warps, and galactical travel, while readers of all genres will appreciate the main character’s humor and philosophical insights about existence, survival, and friendships. This is a book for sci-fi lovers of all ages and a must-read for those who enjoy both terrestrial and extraterrestrial adventures.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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