Rory's Adventure
by Patrick Robertson

"All he wanted was a happy family life, a good medical practice, and the opportunity to do some clever investments."

From a young boy watching his father run a business to various trips abroad and sex with goddesses, Rory Patrick Malloy has led an interesting life. With an appetite for adventure, success, and sex, Rory sets out to seek all three while trying to build a foundation for himself. As he makes his way through medical school and the setting up of his own practice, Rory navigates the good and the bad, appreciating and grappling with existence along the way.

Drawing inspiration from the author’s travels and experiences, this book is a fictionalized life story made large. Reminiscent of early 20th century British and American literature, the book’s narrative follows its protagonist as he progresses from early childhood to death, although not chronologically. Rory is a go-with-the-flow type of guy, jumping from one experience to another. He doesn’t always actively seek out experiences but tends to say yes to those that come his way, such as his friends’ invitation to go hunting in France. His easygoingness as a protagonist is an admirable quality and makes his adventures seem that much more enjoyable.

Mostly a straightforward narrative, the story deviates now and then to exhibit Rory’s reflections and give more depth to his character. The most interesting section of the book is near the finale, where many mythic figures play a part in Rory’s final moments; it is both philosophical and entertaining in its rendition. The simple title sums up the book succinctly. Experiencing both the highs and lows of life in sometimes zany ways, Rory Malloy has certainly been on an adventure.

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