Saint Peter’s Gate
by Fran Comesanas
Tafford Publishing

"He was taken back by the rage he saw in her but still managed to warn her off. That’s why she was named Ember."

Ember, once a human child, has been a hunter demon for untold centuries ever since the death of her entire family. Her only job now is to bring the souls of evil humans to the plane of Limbo to be judged and punished at Saint Peter’s Gate. Ember has worked at her job for so long now that she forgot that some humans really do have pure souls, souls like hers before death.

Whisper, a fallen angel and now a rogue demon, is searching the Earth for these purest of souls to consume in a plan to take over Saint Peter’s Gate, overthrowing even Death himself. When consuming pure souls, Whisper grows stronger, readying himself for battle. Over the centuries, few souls have escaped Whisper but those, like Ember, that did still haunt him.

When Death learns of Whisper’s plan, he charges his best hunter, Ember, with the job of protecting the last pure soul Whisper is hunting, the soul of Nathaniel Dixon. While protecting Nathaniel, Ember learns the true nature of her family’s death which occurred at the hands of Whisper as they were pure souls for his strength. Now Ember must keep Nate from the same fate she suffered.

Comsanas intertwines the age old parable of Heaven, Hell, and Earth into a page turning and captivating novel with gripping characters that the reader will both love and hate. All the characters come together to form a suspenseful tale of good versus evil. Just as Death judges souls for damnation and salvation, the reader will judge characters throughout the story as the reader is enlightened with new knowledge in every chapter making for ever changing view points. Comsanas has created an imaginative storyline that leaves you pondering the afterlife, and good and evil even after the novel has ended.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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