Sammi The Seahorse
by Judith Shernock

"The seahorses danced for hours. They liked each other so much that they decided to become partners for life."

Sammi is a lonely little seahorse living amidst the pink coral in the ocean's depths. His pipefish friend coaxes him out for some momentary fun, but the true happiness arises when he meets a lovely lady seahorse named Yammi. In light of their immediate attraction, the two join together and start a family. When Sammi suddenly goes missing, Yammi and the children are desperate to find him. They soon seek help from the wise, big-eyed octopus creature known as Sir Wunder. All knowing and all seeing, the professorial cephalopod gives them hope for Sammi's ultimate triumphant return.

The clever charm of this tale comes forth in Judith Shernock's ability to disguise typically dry scientific jargon. Here she gently weaves the narrative with smart factoids about lifelong mating habits, and the unusual incubation process that takes place in the seahorse realm. Creative illustrations make use of snapshot-style seascape backgrounds. Images of blue waters, wispy seaweed, and ocean coral lend a realistic touch. A quirky playfulness shines through in the character depictions. The drawn or cut-out type marine life add-ons bring a collage like feel to the book's overall design. Baseball caps and necklaces distinguish these seahorses shaded in hues of yellow, orange, pink, and green. The peppermint striped octopus complete with top hat and bow tie, adds essential humor to the page.

Shernock was inspired to write this story after visiting an amazing seahorse exhibit featured at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. The entertaining result will surely provide an educational springboard for young readers who are eager to expand their imagination and intellectual horizons and want to learn more about these fascinating little creatures residing in the deep blue seas.

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