"Arms and legs went everywhere, and suddenly Sammy’s legs and arms were all tangled with Ferrett’s legs."

Sammy is like most young people: he loves to go out on adventures with his friends, ride his bike, engage in make-believe, and usually comes home to a mother that’s worried sick. What makes Sammy different from most is that he is an elf living deep in the woods, and his best friend is a ferret named, well, Ferrett. One day while out playing hide and seek, Ferrett falls down a well-hidden hole. While searching for his friend, Sammy, unfortunately, makes the same mistake as Ferrett, and they find themselves trapped and unable to get out. Scared of being stranded and with his wings too damaged from the fall, Sammy will need to rely on an unexpected friend in order to make it home in time for dinner.

The story of Sammy and Ferrett is primarily one of how to balance fun with responsibility. As Sammy is on the older side of childhood, he takes on the task of looking after the creatures of the forest, helping them out whenever he can, even if it means coming home late. However, Sammy still likes to play games and have fun with his friends, which, like in this story, can sometimes land him in trouble. Full of richly-colored illustrations occupying just over half of every page, children will laugh along with the antics and mischief of Sammy and Ferrett while also learning things like compassion and treating others considerately. Though they get out of this jam by working together and keeping cool heads, Sammy and Ferrett are the kinds of friends that will definitely get involved in more hijinks, and kids will look forward to the next adventure after finishing this book.

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