by Truth Devour

"Now that I've finally found you, I'm never going to let you go."

This is the final sequel to a riveting trilogy about Talia Jacobs and the search for her soul mate. Talia comes face to face with Bodhi Reynolds, her childhood sweetheart. Even though they were only six years of age when they met in Haiti, they were inseparable. Their bond toward one another was so strong that Talia's Haitian nanny "executed a voodoo ritual and plaited" their hair together before the two headed in different directions: Bodhi, to the United States, and the newly orphaned Talia to Australia. Now as adults, Bodhi believes that Talia is his true love. Talia searches her heart before she realizes that her feelings for him are mutual. Yet it is a matter of time whether their relationship will endure or not as their love undergoes severe testing.

Rising erotica author Truth Devour has crafted a story that goes way beyond sensual love. The key features of this trilogy have been Devour's attention to character development coupled with skillful storytelling. Within each sequel, readers have the opportunity to observe the life of a dynamic character: an insecure little girl who has to experience healing before she can mature into a woman fully committed to falling in love. The first two books portray Talia, from childhood to young adult, who is dealing with unresolved conflict from the past. In Sated, Talia is an adult who is still in need of healing. Devour uses irony to describe the complexity of Talia's adult personality.

While Talia is a successful CEO of Solution Manifestation (a charitable organization she established), her strong leadership skills, to a certain extent, are a facade to her emotional instability. Talia is compassionate and always ready to give love to others. Great examples of this—as well as highly poignant scenes—include Talia not only offering a job to Mable, a lonely widow, but also giving Mila Jones (the infamous reporter from the second book) a chance to redeem herself by writing a biographical report and book on Mable's life. On the contrary, Talia has a difficult time receiving love, as in the case of Bodhi, who is more than willing to pour out his heart to her.

Devour's incorporation of ingeniously designed and unexpected twists and alternating scenes changes create rise and fall in plot tension and keep her narrative fluid. Great examples include twisted scenes that feature Talia's sudden decision to leave for China and her mysterious meeting with Grandma Li and the tension between Talia's disappearance and her cousin Brad, who is sick with worry. Another key element found throughout Devour's trilogy is her use of symbolic continuity, as in the case of ravens. Over the course of time, which is especially pronounced in Sated, Talia comes to terms with the fact that her encounter with ravens—whether in dreams or reality—either signify healing or impending doom. Yet amid all of the conflicted and dark situations that arise, Devour manages to lighten her narrative by interweaving apt and incredibly sultry scenes between the committed lovers.

Despite the fact that each of Devour's novels can stand independent of the other, adult readers will gain a stronger appreciation of the narrative by following the trilogy's sequence. Undoubtedly, Wantin, Unrequited, and Sated make up an unforgettable love story that is guaranteed to become a classic.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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