Saturdays with Daddy
by Kimmy Rothberg

"We get to do all sorts of special things. Daddy calls them chores; however, I call them fun and adventure."

A meaningful childhood event, Rothberg spends her Saturday with her father. Instead of doing chores, Kimmy has "adventures" with her daddy. She is an imaginative six-year-old, who has "show and tell" on her journeys. She anthropomorphizes her car hungrily drinking gas, and at the carwash, the same car becomes a birthday cake.

Kimmy is constantly amazed at the world around her. She enjoys going to the fruit stand with her father and marvels at the colors. At the dry cleaner, she is astonished when her father's clothes come back just like brand new. Kimmy's father is so smart, he always knows where airplanes are flying high overhead and where they are going.

The Rothbergs, as any American family, have barbecues on Sunday. Hamburgers and hot dogs are the common fare. Kimmy rides her bike and imagines she is a grown up, as all of us did when we were kids. Because her Daddy showed her what a fantastic world this is, Kimmy sleeps well at night with a smile from all the adventures. With the colorful pictures, the thirteen-page book shows how much fun a kid can have on the weekend, as well as the long-lasting inner meanings of everyday events. Thanks to Saturday's with Daddy, it is easy to see where this author gets her imagination.

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