Saving Grace
by Lem Moyé
Trafford Publishing

"But while tech is additive, compassion is multiplicative.... The more machines we have, the less we need to act like them."

This multi-talented author uses his extensive experience as a licensed physician and pharmaceutical consultant to illumine this medical thriller's dark and difficult themes. Explored are topics of personal sacrifice and moral choice made by scientists in the U.S. pharmaceutical industry and how the industry meshes with the families and individuals who depend upon it for maintenance or healing of disease. In this story, Grace Landing is a frail child with an incurable condition and a recently widowed father struggling with addiction. As her life hangs in the balance, so does that of Lindsey Silva, Ph.D.—a dedicated post-grad student turned newbie scientist determined to release LifeBlood, a potential cure for Grace's affliction, to the public. As Lindsey gradually damages her physical and mental health and jeopardizes her marriage's stability to complete her lengthy study, the problems inherent in the billion-dollar drug industry and the process of FDA drug approval come to light.

On par with bestselling medical thrillers by luminaries such as Michael Crichton, Robin Cook, Richard Preston, and others, this gripping tale takes a fascinating look at an industry that is both demonized and idolized in contemporary society. Although some minor editing would enhance the tale's effectiveness, the overall quality of the writing, Moyé's insider knowledge, and his excellent grasp of storytelling shine through. The protagonist and supporting characters are multidimensional and memorable, and readers will easily visualize the scenes as though viewing them on the big screen. Due to the subject matter, there is little to be happy about in this novel, and the emotional rollercoaster will leave readers exhausted. However, readers will likely still be clamoring for more from this gifted novelist. Despite the author's penchant for dark revelations, this entertaining tale realistically tackles the issues it reveals with dignity and aplomb.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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