Say No! to Satan
by Terri Ketterling

"If they took the money and didn't tell, that would be stealing, which is a sin, right?"

Calli and Eric are two children that as brother and sister get along perfectly. They like to spend time together playing games, having fun, and even just talking. Their favorite thing to do together though is to go to Sunday School. On this weekend, their Sunday School is heading off to a field trip, so Calli and Eric are more excited than usual. When it's time to get on the bus, Eric realizes he misplaced his jacket, so Calli tags along with him to go get it so nobody is left behind. After retrieving his jacket, Eric notices a quarter on the ground on the way back to the bus. Bending down to pick it up, more quarters appear, creating a very valuable path. Happily, the kids follow along, picking up quarters as they go, thinking about what they can buy with all this money.

To their awe and surprise, at the end of the path are two large paper bags stuffed with dollar bills. After rejoicing at their good fortune, they begin to wonder why all this money is just laying around, if it belongs to somebody, and if they should keep it a secret or tell their Sunday School teacher Miss Margaret. Deciding to pray for guidance, shortly after they kneel and ask for help, a red sports car pulls up with a man in a business suit inside. He informs Calli and Eric that they found the money, so they can keep it. This excites the children at first but then Calli realizes something is too good to be true and realizes she and her brother must stand up to Satan if they want salvation.

Utilizing bright illustrations and backing up its narrative with Biblical citations, this story should help young children with the distinction of right and wrong in critical situations. In addition to imparting some valuable morals and advice, the references to specific chapters and verses will also help young readers with their Bible studies. The story is the perfect read for a quick break and the language is mostly simple enough for children to read aloud, with some more advanced bits to serve as vocabulary and reading practice. This book gives young readers a foundation in understanding the dangers of temptation and the Biblical precedents particularly in the New Testament that model such behavior.

Especially in the materialistic, instant-gratification world that we live in these days, the level-headed thinking of Calli and Eric should inspire children to think carefully about the things they want and the means they should expect to receive or better yet earn them. The audience doesn't require any prior knowledge of the Biblical verses referenced in the book to simply enjoy the story and its message, but can learn more and add to the story by researching it later. Overall, this is a light, enjoyable read perfect for sharing with children of all ages. The enjoyable characters and memorable situations are sure to stick with readers and serve as a reminder for how to resist similar if not quite as fantastical temptations in their own lives.

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